A revolution in ebike technology

Convert your bike into an e-bike just by swapping the front wheel for an Ultra powered wheel.

What is Ultra?

Ultra Ebike transforms your bike into an e-bike by simply swapping the front wheel for a motorised Ultra wheel.

  • Easy 20 minute DIY fitting
  • Fits most bike types
  • 60km range on one charge
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Android and iOS compatible app interface
  • All wireless bluetooth components
  • Powers you up hills, on roads and wherever you ride

Your new upgraded Ultra Ebike still looks and feels like your bike used to, just a whole lot faster, more fun and easier to ride. View our kit now to get started.

Easy rider

The 250W Ultra motor, equates to doubling your own pedalling strength, thereby halving your expended effort.

With an Ultra Ebike, you’ll find that the added extra assistance makes that once too lengthy cycle commute more appealing. Taking on that local hill that used to put you off riding is now a challenge you will be much happier and able to take on. Watch the Uphill Challenge video below to see Ultra in action, or go straight to seeing how it works.

Fits most bike types

Ultra Ebike fits most types of bikes, including mountain (mtb), step-through, hybrid, BMX and commuter.

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