An Ultra Ebike uses a few hundred watts per hour. Very minimal compared to the 20,000 watts per hour needed for a car and still only a tenth of what is needed to power a moped or scooter.

Of course, the energy required to manufacture a car is in a completely different league. Even purpose built e-bikes create double the emissions to manufacture compared to a standard bicycle. We’re pleased that for all the energy benefits our electric bike conversion kit provides, an Ultra ebike kit creates 90% less emissions to manufacture than a new e-bike.

By adding e-power to your existing bike you are completely saving the environmental impact of manufacturing a whole new bike.

Battery lifespan: 1000 charges (60,000 km).

Drive system lifespan: Approx 10 years.

Rims and spokes can be recycled. Power motor has super-long lifespan and can be rebuilt with new rim and spokes.

All materials in manufacture are sustainable and have ROHS certification. All electronic materials are lead free.

Manufacturing plant is environmental protection certified. The Factory is EIA compliant (Environmental Impact Assessment).

Optimised shipping through bulk ordering and use of standard routes. Recyclable packaging.