Yes, most likely.

Ultra Ebike is always compatible with bikes that have a 10mm axle with fork drop-out slots (which is the majority of bikes).

If you have a 9mm and/or through-axle, then you will need a fork replacement to get it Ultra ready.

Ultra wheel is not a ‘quick-release’,  and not suitable for some folding bikes. 

Yes. If your forks are compatible and you select the correct wheel size you can be up and running in as little as 20 minutes.

700c racer = 25-622
700c hybrid = 32-622
29er MTB = 54-622
27.5 = 50-584
26” = 50-559
24” = 50-507
20” = 40-406

Ordered goods may be in stock or made to order.

It depends which wheel size and disc type you require, but an estimated wait time is between 2-40 days for most orders.

Yes, Ultra wheel fits both V brakes and disc brakes.

Most bikes have 100mm dropout spacing but to make sure, follow these steps: remove the existing front wheel and use a ruler to gauge the distance of the insides of the fork legs between the dropouts where the axle fits.

In some cases if your bike isn’t compatible with Ultra then it’s easy to adapt your bike with new forks to allow for the fit.

The size of the wheel is written on the sidewall of your tyre.


250W front motorised wheel, water-bottle-battery with integrated gyro control system mounting bracket, battery charger, brake disc (if required), PAS sensor, handlebar phone mount bracket, instruction booklet, and all the tools and washers you will need for an easy installation. Free app from app store.

The Ultra Intelligent Control System (ICS) smoothly engages power after 6km/h. The PAS sensor automatically detects when you are pedalling to provide the appropriate power assistance. The ICS automatically senses gradients and braking to apply and reduce power accordingly.

The Ultra App allows the rider to choose the precise level of power assist required as well as metering display for speed, distance, temperature, time and distance records.

You will need a smartphone and the App to initialise the system, calibrate the bike, set your user preferences, to occasionally update the software and to pair with the PAS.

No – The app can only be set to road legal maximum assist speed of 25km/h. The optional Bluetooth thumb throttle does allow you to power-up on demand but should only be used on private land. Available here in our shop.

Yes, just plug into the USB port in the top of the Ultra battery.

The Ultra motor has a road legal 250W power output via it’s DC brushless high speed gear motor.

The Ultra motor has an output of 30N.m torque.

The range is usually between 30 – 60km*. The maximum range will be affected by many factors including; the selected assist level, tyre pressure, rider and bike weight, travel speed, wind speed, terrain, and how often you use your brakes.

Approximately 2-3 hours from a standard AC wall plug. A charger is included in the kit.

Yes, carry a spare charged battery to extend your range! Available here in our shop.

The Ultra kit is very light. The battery is only 1.5kg. The full kit including the battery only weighs 6.5kg, typically, once you replace your wheel, you are only adding approx. 3.5kg to your bike.

When used in accordance with the instructions the Ultra kit complies with UK road legal regulations:

– Motor power 250W
–  Max speed default 15.5 mph / 25kmh
– PAS device allows power only when pedalling
– Sensor cuts power when braking
– Power engages only above 6km/h
– Continuous rated power not exceeding 1kw
– Age restricted minimum age 14yo

Ultra is not meant for extreme or off road riding.
Light off road use is fine, but mainly on road is what the kit is designed for.
The Ultra e-bike conversion kit and its components are guaranteed for 1 year against fault not due to user misuse.
If used in accordance with ‘intended use’ and looked after properly;
The battery life is 800~1000 charge and discharge cycles.
Service life of motor is around 10 years.
Guarantee against faulty components 1 year.

The Bluetooth display fits all standard 22.2mm bars

Most flat handlebars have a diameter of 22.2mm

Most drop bars and bull horn bars found on race bikes have a wider diameter and will need a gadget extender to fit the bluetooth throttle.