Yes, most likely. Ultra Ebike is always compatible with bikes that have a 10mm axle (which is the majority of bikes) – but if you have a road/racer, 9mm axle, through-axle, foldable bike or a quick-release configuration then it is best to double check our fitting specifications to see whether your bike is already compatible, or if it needs a fork replacement to get it Ultra ready.

Please check the tech info below to make sure your wheel matches one of our wheel size options and the axle is the correct proportions for your forks.

Ultra wheel sizes: 700c / 29″ / 27.5″ / 26″ MTB / 24″ / 20″

These wheel sizes are available for disc or rim brake bikes.

Yes. If your forks are compatible and you select the correct wheel size you can be up and running in as little as 20 minutes.

Yes, Ultra wheel fits both V brakes and disc brakes.

Most bikes have 100mm dropout spacing but to make sure, follow these steps: remove the existing front wheel and use a ruler to gauge the distance of the insides of the fork legs between the dropouts where the axle fits.

In some cases if your bike isn’t compatible with Ultra then it’s easy to adapt your bike with new forks to allow for the fit.

The size of the wheel is written on the sidewall of your tyre.


250W front motorised wheel, water-bottle-battery with integrated gyro control system mounting bracket, battery charger, brake disc (if required), PAS sensor, handlebar phone mount bracket, instruction booklet, and all the tools and washers you will need for an easy installation. Free app from app store.

The Ultra Intelligent Control System (ICS) smoothly engages at 6kph via its integrated accelerometers. The PAS sensor automatically detects when you are pedalling to provide the appropriate power assistance. The ICS automatically senses gradients and braking to apply and reduce power accordingly. The desired power assist levels can be adjusted within the Ultra App.

You can choose to have none, some or most of the work done for you! The app allows you to choose the precise level of assist you require. If you want to have more fun, there’s an optional Bluetooth throttle unit for off-road riding and you can adjust the speed limits manually with your phone using the Ultra App.

Yes – The Ultra kit still works without the app;

The power assist kicks-in automatically when you reach 6kph. The control system will still sense gradients and braking and deliver appropriate power assistance.

You MUST use the App for the Pedal Assist System (PAS) to function. We therefore recommend you only  go without the app when off road. 

Yes – You can set the app to get you up to a maximum ‘off road’ assist speed of 35kph. The optional Bluetooth thumb throttle allows you to power-up on demand. Available here in our shop.

Yes, just plug into the USB port in the top of the Ultra battery.

The Ultra motor has a road legal 250W power output.

The range is usually between 30 – 60km*. The maximum range will be affected by many factors including; the selected assist level, tyre pressure, rider and bike weight, travel speed, wind speed, terrain, and how often you use your brakes.

Approximately 2-3 hours from a standard AC wall plug. A charger is included in the kit.

Yes, carry a spare charged battery to extend your range! Available here in our shop.

The Ultra kit is very light. The battery is only 1.5kg. The full kit including the battery only weighs 6.5kg, typically, once you replace your wheel, you are only adding approx. 3.5kg to your bike.

Each territory outside of the UK has it’s own import duty rules. If you are ordering from outside of the UK, you may be liable to duty payments for Ultra, so we advise you check the import tariffs in your locality before ordering.