Ultra power your bike

Convert your bike into an e-bike just by swapping the front wheel for an Ultra powered wheel.

Intelligent power delivery

The Ultra Intelligent Control System is the culmination of five years of research and development, utilising an advanced intelligent power output algorithm to deliver safe, reliable and affective power assistance. The Ultra ICS has a 6-Axis integrated accelerometer that automatically senses gradients and braking to smoothly engage or reduce power delivery. The PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor) mounted on the crank arm detects when you are pedalling to provide the appropriate power assistance.

The Ultra App offers programmed power delivery options that allows you to select the exact amount of motor assistance you prefer. The level of assistance you get is entirely up to you.

You can choose to have none, some, or most of the work done for you.

Integrated technology

With Ultra Ebike, all cables to brakes, throttles and pedal sensors are replaced by wireless Bluetooth sensors.

The battery is simply placed in a subtle ‘water-bottle’ type holder, where the control system is also housed.

The wheel hub motor drive unit is a state-of-the-art high-torque digital brushless motor with a power rating of 250W.

The Ultra kit is beautifully integrated, super-easy to install and keeps your bike looking and riding like the bike you love.

Product features


Ultra app interface

The whole system is controlled via the free Android and iOS compatible Ultra Ebike App, where user preferences for power assist levels can be precisely set.

The app provides the rider with real-time assist level, speed, distance, rpm, charge level, ridden distances and temperature read-outs, and even features a ‘lock bike’ function which disables the wheel and sounds an alarm if the bike is ridden.

If you want to ride without your phone, that’s fine. The Ultra wheel still works without the App, with the ICS delivering power assistance based on the last settings.

What’s in the box

Each motorised wheel is built to order to match your existing wheel size. The kit comes complete with a new fitted tyre, battery & bracket with incorporated ICS, a charger, Bluetooth PAS device, a new brake disc (if you have disc brakes), a sturdy handlebar phone bracket, instruction booklet, and all the tools you require to make the swap to Ultra e-power. Explore the kit further.

Product specification

*The assist range is under conditions; 60kg weight rider, outside temperature 25C, no wind, in ‘manual’ mode with 50% assist grade, tyres properly inflated, riding on level ground, no slope.