The Ultra Battery (Silver)

Pick up a spare battery for your Ultra Ebike. This will enable you to extend the range, speed and reliability of getting around on a bike, making distances of up to 60km on a single battery charge now easily within the capability of the average rider. The battery is super light-weight (1.5kg) so you can take a spare charged battery with you and double your range!

• Long-lasting design

• Battery lifespan: 1000 charges (60,000 km)

• Battery: 36V 5.8AH 20 Cell Lithium-ion Battery with Integrated Protection

• Approximately 60km range on one charge

• Subtle Light Weight ‘Water Bottle’ Battery

• Three Hours Charge Time normal household mains supply

• Battery packs its own additional USB Phone Charger Port

• 2 x keys supplied with each battery, so you have a spare if you ever need. (The battery locks easily into the holder and easy to unlock and remove and carry with you if you leave bike somewhere)


Ultra power your bike